My Human Condition


Image by Tri Le from Pixabay

How daft and senseless the current situation
The time for action, now
The space for being, here
And I’m standing there
Fate as fateful it can be
And yet passing me, like a river passes the shore
Am I the totality of everything,
Or an obscure thought?

I do not fear God
I fear my death
I fear uncertainty
I fear suffering and loneliness
I subliminally fear the human condition
And I birthed God to cope with my fears
to make sense of this inescapable awareness of my own completion

And if one stares into this abyss,
one will be either insane or awakened

The weak spirit is impaled between the moment that passed,
and the moment to come
The awakened mind, the self of substance can withstand this moment
The weak spirit must live in atemporal memories of yesterday;
Prophecies of tomorrow
The weak spirit creates Time to create space between itself and death;
Between itself and chaos;
Between itself and abyss;


One step, and I am become death
One breath, and I am become chaos
One moment, and I am become abyss

Why fear it?
When you look into my eyes,
Do you see anything but the deathless universe?
Become a licentious bedfellow with these mistresses: death, uncertainty, loneliness
And you will see, how deeply the universe touches the inside of your being