All The Things I have Lost


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

First I lost my memory.
When I was a kid, I fell from a tree.
From then, on I couldn’t create new memories.
I would forget things that just happened, my shoes, and even where I lived.
My memory was like a rabbit, that got scared and ran off- never to be seen again.

Then I lost my conscience, because I couldn’t figure out which side I was fighting for.
One day I found myself fighting a war, that made no sense to me.
If I knew where I was from, or what I believed in I could convince myself that I hated the other side because they were a threat to my people or my ideals.
But both sides seemed so human, and yet so barbaric.
As if they were the same people just wearing different colored clothes.
Right and wrong melded into one, since in their own ways, both sides were right, and both sides were wrong.
And, after this I could never fully say what was right and what was wrong.

Then I lost my soul.
Maybe it happened when I didn’t give change to that homeless man, or maybe when I lied to him, that I didn’t have change.
Perhaps I lost it when that old Chinese lady asked me to sign a petition written in Chinese- God knows what it actually said.
Probably, said that the undersigned, sign their soul over to this evil old lady.

Then I lost my sanity, when I tried to rationalize all the wars, the famines, the rapes, the murders- our potential for greatness, and our reality of pettiness.

Finally, I lost my dignity and my life.
Since I had lost all the things that made me human: my conscience, my individuality, and my sanity, I was no longer human.
They destroyed my home, because I couldn’t claim right to property.
I also couldn’t claim the right to life, since I wasn’t human, so I was sent to a butcher.
But I can’t complain- I’ve had a great time here.
Good bye world and bon appetite.