Wisdom and Sunshine



My parents and teachers taught me many things
When I was a child, everything they said was true and perfect
But, as I grew older, I saw cracks in their teachings

But then it didn’t matter, if their teachings were true
I could see reality for myself
Perhaps better than them
And so I renounced the rules of my elders
And I made my own rules

I was the wise one
Discoverer of realities, and maker of rules
And these rules served me well

And I began to think myself invincible,
Then reality kicked me in the nuggets (with a steel toed boot)

And I realized I was only making more rules
More abstractions
Creating more space between my thoughts and the reality outside
No matter how wise I may be, I couldn’t outsmart reality

And with that realization,
With that acceptance
The walls became a little less opaque
And I drifted a little closer to the sunshine